Topman Take Insensitive And Controversial “96 Karma” T-Shirt Off Website

Some believe it is making reference to the victims of Hillsborough - do they have a point?

Topman appears to have taken action to remove a controversial “96 karma” t-shirt from its website amid accusations from Liverpool fans that the garment mocked the victims of the Hillsborough stadium disaster.

There is no suggestion that Topman deliberately made a reference to the incident, but the coincidences are too much to ignore.

The red top features the number “96” emblazoned on its back in white numbers with a white rose alongside them. 96 people lost their lives in the 1989 stadium disaster.

Underneath the design, it says: “What goes around comes back around”. Also written down the sleeve is the word “Karma” – two common and dispicable responses among trolls referencing the Hillsborough incident.

Fans on Twitter have, understandably, reacted with anger:

Topman has so far failed to explain the significance of these words in the context of the t-shirt’s design but has opted to remove the item from sale. One suggestion is that the quotes are a reference to a Bob Marley song but that fails to explain the red and white colouring.

The t-shirt had previously been selling well on the site, where it was priced at around £20. There is no word yet on whether the item has been removed permanently. This isn’t the first time a major clothes retailer has come under fire for offensive garments.

Primark was previously criticised for stocking a Walking Dead t-shirt carrying what some felt was a racist message. That t-shirt also ended up being removed from stock.

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