Topless Activist Gate-crashes Silvio Berlusconi’s Vote In Italian Election

And you thought politics in the US and UK was a mess.

Silvio Berlusconi during an election protest.

If you ever think politics is in a pretty sorry state in either the UK or US, spare a thought for the people of Italy.

Not only is the future looking entirely uncertain for our European neighbours, with no clear leader in the current elections and the economy going down the toilet, but there’s also a strong chance Silvio Berlusconi could return to the fray.

That would be the same Berlusconi who has already been Prime Minister on three separate occasions and has been embroiled in a multitude of scandals, including one centring around an alleged string of “Bunga Bunga” sex parties.

Berlusconi may have been cleared of any wrongdoing on appeal, but it would appear some people in Italy are far from happy about his return.

Silvio Berlusconi during an election protest.

So unhappy, in fact, that one decided to stage a one-woman topless protest as the Italian politician prepared to cast his ballot in the latest elections.

The woman invaded the photo op with the words “Berlusconi, you’ve expired’ written in black marker on her torso” and proceeded to jump onto the table at the Milan polling station to further emphasise her point.

Photographers captured the resulting chaos, with Berlusconi escorted out of the room following the incident.

The woman is part of the Femen activist group, who have form when it comes to Silvio, having gate-crashed his vote back in 2013.

Silvio Berlusconi during an election protest.

Despite the disruption, it looks like a hung parliament is on the cards for Italy, which will most likely bring more chaos, more disruption and maybe more elections to boot.

And you thought ideas about Mexican border walls and Brexit were bad.Oh wait, it is.

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