Footage Of ‘Top Secret Government UFO Project’ Finds Its Way Online

UFO investigators stumbled upon what they believe is footage of a fabled US spy craft.

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For years a debate has raged over the various supposed UFO sightings seen across the globe: are they proof of the existence of aliens or evidence of top secret government spy craft testing?

Now, fresh footage has emerged online purporting to show a mysterious flying craft that some are speculating could be the latter.

First reported by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the video shows a strange floating craft, boasting three glowing lights, floating high in the sky above Barrie, Ontario in Canada.

To many, it appears to provide further proof of extra terrestrial life but founder and expert Scott C Waring reckons it could be something even more bizarre.

“It does have three lights which could mean its a TR-3B military craft, but its hard to tell at night,” he explained.

“Sometimes similar UFOs have been reported to suddenly split up and shoot away in opposite directions.”

Now, to the uninformed the TR-3B is something approaching the stuff of legend in the UFO conspiracy theorist community.

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It’s the name given to a mysterious “black project” secret spy craft some reckon the US government has been developing over the past few years.

According to this theory, many of the alien sightings seen around the infamous Area 51 in Nevada are actually part of secret government testing.

Things get a little murky from here though, with some experts claiming that the government is either trying out advance technology or may, in fact, be reverse engineering existing alien technology.

Either way, the video makes for compelling viewing. What you choose to believe is entirely up to you. 

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