First-Person Shooter Overwatch Has Gained A Massive Following On Pornhub

Game on.

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The game Overwatch has been getting a lot of attention lately, but not for its incredible gameplay, or indeed anything of the sort.

Despite being crowned Game of the Year across the gamer-verse, Pornhub has a prize for it too.

Overwatch has quite the collection of avatars players can choose to embody, and apparently, people want to do other things to them too.

The Sun reports: “Since the game’s launch in May 2016, Overwatch’s roster of heroes have appeared on many major porn sites and have been very in demand.”


Image Overwatch Wiki Blizzard Entertainment


The top ranking character, according to a report by Kotaku, is Tracer, with over two million views. It scores so highly, it’s trouncing searches like, ‘anal’ and ‘threesome’.



Tracer is a British adventurer with a fierce pixie cut, killer thighs, and a penchant for the ladies – which explains the fascination somewhat considering the viewers are mostly straight males. After all, ‘lesbian’ is one of the top searches on Pornhub. 



Her red-headed girlfriend in the game is called Emily, and she’s not involved in Tracer’s speedy hijinks, though she is equally gorgeous – as gorgeous as a CGI creation can be, anyway. According to the Overwatch Wiki page, the pair share an apartment together in London.


Other popular character searches are D. Va, Mercy, Sombra and Widowmaker. These ladies fill out the top five. 



We need to play this game. 

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