What Tony Blair Has To Say About Becoming Donald Trump’s Advisor

2016 definitely doesn't need this...

Tony Blair and Donald Trump
Unholy union? Tony Blair and Donald Trump. Image Getty

Tony Blair angling for a job with Donald Trump – what is the world coming to?

It’s might be best you don’t believe the rumours going round just yet, because the former Prime Minister’s aides have moved to dismiss talk he’ll take on an advisory role for the incoming President.

The smoke from this particular fire came after Blair was spotted dining with the Republican president-elect’s son-in-law Jared Kushner (the husband of Ivanka Trump) in New York recently.

Kushner was instrumental in Trump’s campaign, and is reportedly behind huge shake-ups in the Trump Tower power struggle.

He ousted New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who had been part of Trump’s transition team for months – and coincidentally prosecuted Mr Kushner’s father for tax evasion.

The Telegraph quotes a spokesperson for Blair as saying: “Tony Blair has known Jared Kushner for several years. Mr Blair was walking past their lunch table. He knew a number of people at the table and he was invited to join them.

“He has not discussed any role. This is completely overblown.”

Early speculation had pegged Blair as a potential advisor to Trump on the Middle East. The former Labour leader quit his formal role as a Middle East envoy in 2015.

“It is so far beyond speculation there isn’t a word for it,” Blair’s aide added.

Sounds pretty clear cut – and in fairness this is one union we could probably do without going by the year we’ve had.

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