Tom Selleck Finally Explains That Creepy Dead Boy Mystery From 3 Men And A Baby

Three men and a dead boy's ghost.

Is that really a ghost? Image Interscope Communications - © 1987

We all know that urban legend behind Three Men and a Baby: the ghost of a little boy can be seen hiding behind a curtain in one of the scenes.

The legend was that the boy had died in the house where the 1987 hit movie was filmed. And let’s be honest, everyone bought that. Even though this dead boy, who apparently committed suicide, didn’t appear until the film was released in VHS – boy, this movie is a few years old.

Selleck, Guttenberg and Danson, with one baby and zero ghosts Image Interscope Communications - © 1987

But don’t worry, because acting legend Tom Selleck and his moustache have finally decided to address this ghost story and deny it. Or did Selleck actually confirm it?

Selleck visited Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show to promote the show Blue Bloods and talked about the film, which turns 30 this year. According to the actor, what we actually see behind a curtain is a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, which would have made much more sense if a deleted scene that revolves around this had ended up making the final cut.

Tom Selleck The man, the myth, the 'tache. Image CBS

So yes, sorry, that is not a real ghost. Besides, Selleck is convinced this was done to boost the video sales, and that the kid couldn’t have died in the house because “we filmed in a soundstage.” The ghost of the soundstage doesn’t sound as cool.

Although then Selleck remembered that he, Danson and Steve Guttenberg get money from the video sales, so he decided that, well, perhaps “that’s a ghost.”

But mysteries aside, what really matters here is that Selleck announced he would totally be up for a third film called Three Men and a Bride. We can picture that already.

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