Video: Tom Hiddleston is off the leash in High-Rise trailer

The Marvel star dials in the crazy for the must-see Ben Wheatley movie.

Tom Hiddleston in High-Rise
Loki what we have here Tom Hiddleston will unleash hell in Ben Wheatley's High-Rise. Image Picture StudioCanal

Forget everything you think you know about Tom Hiddleston.

The man who brought a hefty dose of cheese and scenery-chewing to Marvel’s Avengers movies is back in a big screen adaptation of JG Ballard’s sci-fi classic High-Rise.

And he’s well and truly off the chain, if the trailer for director Ben Wheatley’s latest is anything to go by. Nice touch with the Tangerine Dream soundtrack as well.

Sunbathing naked, seducing Sienna Miller and trading menacing looks with a blood-stained Jeremy Irons are just some of the delights in-store for a man who boasts a rabid ‘Hiddlestoners’ social media fanbase.

Quite what they’ll make of High-Rise is anyone’s guess. Particularly as he’s beloved for playing smirking Thor anti-hero Loki and charming chatshow audiences by re-enacting a classic Heat scene in front of Robert De Niro.

In High-Rise, Hiddleston’s sharp-suited hedonist Robert Laing comes across like a blend of James Bond and Patrick Bateman. If he’s making a dramatic gear-change like this, it’s a wise move to do it with Wheatley.

Wheatley is one of the most original filmmakers to come out of the UK in some time. So far he’s ticked off Brighton-based gangster thriller (Down Terrace), hitman horror (Kill List), off-kilter roadtrip comedy (Sightseers) and psychedelic black-and-white historical drama (A Field In England).

Not only that, but he kicked off Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who reign by directing his first two stories Deep Breath and Into The Dalek in 2014. The 43-year-old cut his teeth in TV, directing episodes of Armando Ianucci’s surrealist sketch show Time Trumpet in 2006, as well as Johnny Vegas sitcom Ideal.

Sienna Miller in High-Rise
Cheers! Sienna Miller welcomes you to the High-Rise. Image Picture StudioCanal

High-Rise, based on Ballard’s 1975’s novel, follows rich tenants in a skyscraper who find themselves resorting to violence after getting cut off from the outside world.

Film festival screenings have already drawn strong critical reactions, praising Wheatley and Hiddleston for serving up “orgiastic mayhem on a silver platter”. Count us in when it hits cinemas on March 18.

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