Tom Hardy’s Secret 90s Rap Album Has Surfaced – And It’s Surprisingly Good

Is there anything he can’t do? Other than a Welsh accent, of course.

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Tom Hardy is a man of many talents: model, actor and, as fans are quickly learning, rapper.

A previously unreleased rap album featuring the Hollywood actor waxing lyrical in a Jamaican accent has emerged online and, rather annoyingly, it’s not half bad.

Dating back to 1999, Falling On Your Arse is more mixtape than out-and-out album and featuring an eclectic range of samples including everything from The Godfather to War of the Worlds.

Hardy collaborates with writer and director Edward Tracy on the tape, with the pair performing under the striking pseudonyms Tommy No1 and Eddie Too Tall.

The Mad Max star has made no secret of his desire to pursue a music career in the past and, if the tape is anything to go by, he’s not without talent.

The opening track, We Make The Beats, sees Hardy go all “rude boy” for a rap that sees him sporting the kind of dodgy accent he made famous as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Arguably the highlight of the whole affair comes on the track Dr Livingstoned, in which Hardy recreates not one, not two but three different voices.

The track itself is a re-enactment of the moment when explorer Henry Morton Stanley discovered Dr Livingstone in the jungle. No, us neither.

The track gets a little political though, with Hardy, as Tommy No1, spitting about issues environmental.

Elsewhere, the expletive-laden 1950 a capella-style tune Rotten C***suckers Ball sticks in the mind while there are even a couple of tracks that see Hardy rapping about his day-to-day life as a married man and the constant temptation to get drunk.

Treason, meanwhile, sees Hardy as Tommy speaking French as part of a rap about the desire to get rip or, at the very least, die trying.

Not every track hits the high notes of course, but the solid production values mean this is unlikely to leave Hardy cringing in the same way his now infamous appearance on The Big Breakfast has in the past.

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