The embarrassing TV appearance Tom Hardy wants you to forget

He still has nightmares about Zig and Zag.

Tom Hardy on The Big Breakfast
Tom Hardy modelling on Big Breakfast in 1998 Before Batman and Inception, he was trying to get into fashion. Image Channel 4

Tom Hardy is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but as a special treat on his 39th birthday, we thought we’d remind you of the modelling career he desperately wants you to forget.

Back in the late 90s Hardy was trying to get into fashion, and even appeared on breakfast TV in a cringe-worthy modelling contest.

A total unknown at the time, Tom made his screen debut on Johnny Vaughan’s Big Breakfast as a skinny 20-year-old in 1998.

After walking the catwalk and trying clothes on in front of a flirty Denise Van Outen, he won the contest hands down – he seemed destined for big things even then.

Quite understandably, he’s really embarrassed about the whole thing, and doesn’t want people seeing it.

In fact, things got pretty uncomfortable when Jonathan Ross brought up the clip during an interview in 2012.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this…you bastard,” Tom said at the time.

Watch the awkward moment below:

In case you wondered what the other embarrassing clip he mentioned refers too, he was in a low-budget sci-fi flick in 2006 called Minotaur which he’s not too proud of either.

Of course, since his first TV appearance Tom’s moved into the world of acting, and starred in some of the biggest movies of the last few years.

Still, we’ll always think of him of as the Big Breakfast show’s top model 1998.

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