Tom Hardy Looks Virtually Unrecognisable As Al Capone

Hardy looks a haggard version of his former self in latest photos from Fonzo.

Tom HardyImage Getty Images

If there’s one thing Tom Hardy loves, it’s undergoing a major physical transformation for an acting role.

He’s up there with Christian Bale when it comes to changing up his appearance in the name of acting, whether it be his weight, facial features or hair.

So when it was first announced that Hardy would be playing Al Capone in Josh Trank’s biopic Fonzo, everyone knew what was coming.

Or so they thought. Soon enough it was revealed that Fonzo would be focusing on the final few years of Capone’s life/

At that point, the infamous Chicago gangster had fallen on hard times. Ageing, riddled with Syphilis and suffering from dementia, this Capone lived out his final few years on Alcatraz.

Suddenly, fans were envisioning a version of Capone more in line with Hardy’s breakthrough performance as fellow prison-based nutter Charles Bronson.

All the signs so far suggest that prediction may not be too far wide of the mark, but what’s really shocked Hardy fans so far is the shocking transformation he had undergone already.

This is a whole other level of weird, as the images Hardy has shared on Instagram suggest, with the actor appearing withered, balding and kind of creepy.

It bodes well for the upcoming movie which, according to the production notes, will see Capone’s past become “present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.”

Sounds intense. It also sounds like Hardy might be angling for an Oscar. Either way, it’s a scary but exciting development for one of the most watchable actors on the planet.

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