Tom Hardy Gives Fans First Glimpse Of Al Capone Transformation For Fonzo

This could be the new Bronson.

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Tom Hardy has shared a photo of himself as notorious gangster Al Capone ahead of the release of the hotly-anticipated biopic Fonzo.

Hardy took to Instagram to share the picture, which is the first glimpse anyone has been given of the new film.

The image sees the British star shaven-headed and wearing what appears to be a prison uniform alongside the caption “Chasing Fonzo.”

It’s a picture that is likely to stir up images of another Hardy classic, Bronson, in which the actor took on the role of deranged prison and Britain’s hardest man, Charles Bronson.

Chasing Fonzo…?????????????

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Fonzo is certainly shaping up to be something a little different to the standard Capone biopic. It’s being directed by Josh Trank, who is best known for Chronicle.

It will focus on the final days of Capone’s life, with the infamous Chicago mob boss suffering from dementia as a result of the syphilis that eventually killed hi,.

The film’s production notes, detail how “his past becomes present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.”

As with Bronson, flashbacks will be employed to fill in the blanks and colour of Capone’s life while Hardy is expected to deliver his usual powerhouse performance, growly voice and all.

Fonzo will also star Stephen Graham, Kyle MacLachlan, Jack Lowden and Matt Dillon.

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