Tom Hardy Admits He Once Stole A Car When He Was 15

“That's why I get cast as criminals, villains, wretched characters."

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Tom Hardy is fast-becoming Hollywood’s go-to guy when it comes to playing villains after roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson and The Revenant.

But why is he so good at playing bad guys? Tom has a theory that might explain his affiliation for villains, and it relates to an experience from his youth.

Speaking to The Mirror, the Taboo star suggested that it was his upbringing that influenced his on-screen roles.

“It’s the suburbs. The life is so privileged and peaceful and so bloody dull, it gives you the instinctive feral desire to fuck everything up,” he said.

Tom Hardy and Leonardo Di Caprio
Tom Hardy and Leonardo Di Caprio The Revenant stars before the Oscars Image Getty Images

The actor went on to say: “I got arrested at 15 for joyriding in a stolen Merc. And for good measure there was a gun in the car.

“I just had to endanger myself – it was a kind of self-harming. I wish I could say I have outgrown it but violence still has a romance for me. That’s why I get cast as criminals, villains, wretched characters.”

So, it turns out Tom’s exploits on-screen might be closer to reality than we thought. Who knew?

Meanwhile, the actor could be soon swapping his traditional bad-guy image to play James Bond, after he hinted that he wanted to take over in the role from Daniel Craig.

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The actor has starred in some of biggest movies of recent years, but his constant transformations have played havoc with his health.

Hardy recently said his body was “damaged” after a series of physically demanding roles.

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