Tom Cruise tweets on ‘#Day1’ of Top Gun 2 shoot

Maverick feels the need for speed.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Danger zone Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Image Paramount

It’s the news Top Gun fans have been praying for, for over three decades.

There was a time when the idea of a follow-up to the classic Tom Cruise 80s actioner felt like an impossibility.

Too much time had passed and so much had changed. It couldn’t happen. Could it?

But in the age of the sequel, prequel or remake, Top Gun is getting in on the action.

Having already confirmed that a sequel was “definitely happening” during an appearance on Australian television, Cruise also revealed filming would start in 2018.

Maverick and Goose in Top Gun.

Though confirmed plot details remain scarce, one widely circulated rumour suggested Cruise’s character would be returning as a flying instructor this time around.

This possible plot would see Maverick struggle to adapt to the changing demands of the air force and specifically drone technology, while also falling in love with one of his female cadets.

That particular plot may be subject to change but, from the looks of it, plans for the film are definitely moving ahead, after Cruise seemingly revealed filming had started in a tweet shared online.

Cruise tweeted a picture from the original film showing Maverick at an airfield, holding his helmet bearing his name alongside the film’s signature catchphrase “feel the need”.

The 55-year-old star’s accompanying caption was simple: “#Day1”.

Cruise also tagged producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Skydance Media, with both thought to be producing the follow-up.

Tentatively titled Top Gun: Maverick, the film has been pencilled in for a July 2019 release date.

Just don’t mention anything to Val Kilmer. The Iceman has not been invited back for this movie. Awkward…

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