This Tokyo Cafe Is Hiring White Men To Be Ogled At By Japanese Ladies

Is this the dream job men have been waiting for?

It's a woman's world, according to this cafe Image Quora

There is a cafe in Tokyo called Butlers Cafe that caters to Japanese women, with a twist.

The waiters are all white western males, decked out in waistcoats and bow ties who greet female customers at the door with a ‘hello princess” greeting and serve their every whim.

It’s the only establishment of its kind in Tokyo and unlike similar “butler cafes”, this one serves booze. It’s a bit like a very subdued Magic Mike situation with tea and cakes.

Besides the usual service you’d get at an eatery, there is also a unique menu selection that includes a Lift Me Up Photo, where the waiters pick up the lady patrons like a knight in shining armour for a snap shot.

butler cafe

Another offer is Cinderella Time where the customer gets champagne, sweets, a candle, a crown AND a silver bell on a silver platter to beckon the butlers. The clientele are usually young and single office workers.

According to owner Yuki Hirohata, a good butler must have certain qualities.

“Even if he is good looking if he doesn’t have any charisma I don’t hire him. I look for inner beauty, brightness and honesty,” she told Japan Times.

The waiters hail from places like Europe, Australia, America and there’s even one Londoner, who the paper describes as fitting the role of passionate Mediterranean lover.


The men all have varied looks, perhaps encompassing the Japanese woman’s fantasy of a Western male, though their tastes vary. “All the butlers have their fans. You can’t say what kind of men Japanese women like. Some of our princesses don’t really look twice at me,” said one butler.

It sounds as though some women take the attention a little too seriously though, with one server saying: “Once, when the elevator doors closed, a girl shouted out that she loved me, there wasn’t much I could do. I couldn’t reply.”

So if you’re looking for new opportunities this summer, why not try for a job at the Butler’s Cafe in Tokyo where the motto is “Be selfish, enjoy life.” Go on then.

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