Crappy Days! There’s A Toilet Paper Dispenser That Also Holds A Beer

By Jack Beresford

February 21, 2017

An avid beer-loving inventor has come up with the ultimate addition to any forward-thinking person’s bathroom: a toilet paper dispenser that’s also designed to hold your drink of choice.

You might be hosting a house party, seeking somewhere new and original to enjoy a cold one or simply keen to drown your sorrows on the “Iron Throne” – whatever your preference the good folk over at Etsy shop SOLIDink3d have the answer.

Catering to pretty much any drink of choice, be it a glass of wine or can of beer, the 3D printed model was originally designed with those who like to text during their toilet breaks in mind.

But it’s so much more than that and, best of all, with the entire design made using extra strong PETG it’s virtually indestructible and capable of containing any drink no matter how big or small.

There will be some naysayers out there that may question the hygiene of essentially drinking where you shit but to them we say bah bumbug!

Currently available in a choice of three colours – black, white and, our personal favourite, dark pearl blue – the new holder could also prove a popular choice among those adopting the recent craze of drinking beers in the shower

Toilet based drinking doesn’t come cheap though, with this particular beverage holder priced at around £16.57 including shitting…sorry, shipping.

It’s got rave reviews too with one user even offering up alternative uses for the device. 

“Can’t wait for summer so my husband can use it on his mower!” one customer write. 

Beer and high-powered lawn mowers – what could possibly go wrong?