Jigsaw’s Tobin Bell Reveals His Favourite Trap From The Saw Movies

Bell also revealed what keeps him coming back to the role of Jigsaw killer John Kramer.

Tobin Bell in the Saw movies.
Tobin Bell as John Kramer The man behind Jigsaw Image Lionsgate

Tobin Bell has revealed the one Saw movie trap he likes most and why he keeps coming back to his signature role as Jigsaw killer John Kramer.

Bell is back again as Kramer in Jigsaw, the eighth film in the bloody and brutal Saw horror movie franchise. To the uninitiated, the Saw movies focus on the exploits of the notorious fictional serial killer Jigsaw, a man known for holding his victims captive in a series of twisted traps that often result in gruesome death for those involved.

As the series has progressed, through an astonishing seven sequels and counting, these traps have become increasingly elaborate and bloody, with fans lapping up the gore as a result. But when loaded sat down with Bell to find out about his favourite trap the 75-year-old offered up a surprising, and somewhat chilling, answer.

“I like the traps that are most connected to people’s karma,” he told loaded. “In Saw II, Amanda ends up in a needle pit and she’s a junkie and so there could be nothing more horrifying to her than that.”

“I find myself interested when people reap what they sow and that is one of the themes of Saw. Is there such a thing as karma?”

Bell has featured in all eight of the Saw films to date in some capacity or other but while that might leave some actors feeling a little bored or frustrated, he feels there is still a lot of room to explore the character of John Kramer further.

“He has an almost unlimited dimension that we’ve only just scratched the surface of. He’s part philosopher, a bit of a theologian, he’s very well read, he’s a scientist, he’s a trained mechanical engineer, an architect, so he has lots of interests and those all feed into his concerns about certain issues.”

One thing you won’t get Bell doing, however, is replicating Jigsaw’s memorably creepy vocal performance for fans, who often ask him to record messages on their phone – he refuses to, but with valid reason.

“People ask me to put it on their phone a lot and once I start doing that I would be doing it for a long time.”

Jigsaw is out in cinemas on October 26 – check out the video above for the full interview.

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