Tiny Arcade machines are the coolest way to play retro gaming classics

Space Invaders that fits in the palm of your hand.

Tiny Arcade machines
Blast from the past Tiny Arcade machines let you play Space Invaders. Image Picture Tested.com

Imagine having the original arcade classic Space Invaders right in the palm of your hand.

Now you can relive the golden age of video games thanks to a new project called Tiny Arcade.

A Kickstarter success story from tech whizz Ken Burns, the miniature arcade machines boast a speaker, joystick and two buttons to hammer through games like Asteroids, Flappy Birds, Mario and, yes, the old school shooter Space Invaders.

At a cost of $59.95, they’re not exactly dirt cheap but the fact you can slip this in your pocket, bag or have it resting on your desk to discreetly break up work monotony makes Tiny Arcade a cool little retro delight.

Games are booted up through preloaded microSD cards, and Tiny Arcade also happens to be open source. That means developers can create their own games and share among the community.

You can also customise your arcade machine cabinet with supplied stickers or design and print out your own.

All of this is a welcome blast from the past for those baffled by the complex contemporary offerings like the never-ending No Man’s Sky and Grand Theft Auto’s sprawling maps.

Read more about Tiny Arcade here.

Watch the Tiny Arcade machines in action:

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