Want To Date A Supermodel? You Need To Get This ‘Celebrity Tinder’ App

They've got quite the selection...

Barbara Palvin poses for Sports Illustrated
Want to date Barbara? Barbara Palvin poses for Sports Illustrated. Image Picture Sports Illustrated

Thousands of couple have met on Tinder over recent years, but did you know the app has been keeping secrets from users this whole time?

It turns out there is a hidden version of the dating app called Select, which is for elite members only.

In case the name didn’t give it away, Select is an invite-only app from Tinder that caters to people considered better than we mere plebeians – namely CEO’s, supermodels and other exclusive douchebags [via TechCrunch]

For the last six months, the company has been quietly testing and operating this ritzy version of the dating platform, which allows the selected to nominate others from their pack.


‘Tinder may not have immediate plans to announce the service at all, which would likely upset the app’s massive user base and “dilute” the Tinder Select pool of users,’ writes TechCrunch.

So how does Tinder decide who is worthy enough to join? Those lucky enough to be on the Select app revealed that success and being really, really good-looking are the usual requirements.

Though your Tinder Elo score might also help, the algorithmic rating system used by everyone on Tinder, so if your numbers are on the high side, then you might just be ‘selected.’


Aesthetically the Select app is much sleeker than regular, old Tinder. In place of an orange flame, there is a navy blue ‘S.’

TechCrunch obtained photographic evidence of this application claiming that it “looks way better than regular Tinder regarding design.”

Well, damn. This further proves that life isn’t a bloody democracy, doesn’t it?

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