Gym Buffs Everywhere Are Hooking Up With Weird New Dating App ‘Gymder’

This sounds like one of the strangest dating apps yet...

GYMDERImage Gymder

There’s a new dating app called Gymder that sounds so ridiculous that we assume someone is taking the mick. If not, well then the apocalypse might be closer than we thought…

Gymder has been hailed as the Tinder for athletes, carefully disguised as a way to find the nearest gym buddy to “get swole” with.

The way it works is, a user downloads the app, creates a profile and then using their location the app will inform the user of other Gymders nearby.


It’s supposed to be a way to find someone to workout with, share protein consumption tips and leg day woes; the app FAQ even states that Gymder is NOT for hooking up but rather a “platform for fitness.”

Yeah okay. According to Gizmodo UK, this is a load of rubbish, and the company’s selling point seems to be “Instagram/Tinder For Athletes.”

Such a description tells us that Gymder isn’t quite geared at platonic gym interactions but rather getting freaky in the changing room.

Worse yet, the app requires access to all your photos AND location, plus there is no swiping involved. Instead, there is just a grid of pictures showing fitness hotties nearby and the ways you can contact them.

We’re calling bullsh*t on this application. While it’s pretty clear that this is yet another hookup platform, Gymder seems less sure. Get it together guys…

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself:


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