Here’s How Tinder Online Could Make You Seriously Shit At Your Job

The increased availability of the app coupled with the new features is a recipe for disaster

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Concentrating enough through the average work day is difficult enough at the best of times but Tinder just found a way to make it even tougher.

It’s called Tinder Online and it’s essentially a desktop version of the popular smartphone dating app.

All users need to do is log on to the site via Facebook and pretty soon they will be swiping left or right to their hearts content.

However, this is where the problems start.

Because, if you happen to be single and working in a job where you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer screen, the chances are you are going to go on Tinder Online.

Worse still, Tinder Online is arguably more accessible than the original app itself and boasts some new and alarmingly distracting features.

For example, Tinder Online allows you to send personal messages to one of your matches alongside a picture of your potential date.

It’s a system that’s a hell of a lot easier than the app version, where users would often have to go back and forth between the profile and messenger screens.

The entire thing amounts to just another unwanted distraction for the average office worker.

One study recently estimated that the average person wastes around 50 minutes per day on Facebook, with that figure likely to rise among those with access to a computer.

Throw Tinder into the mix and you could end up with a workforce of singles taking time out from their work to dabble in a bit of online dating.

Then again, maybe the whole thing should be seen as a positive. Sort out their love lives and these same employees could be happier, more productive workers.

Either way, Tinder’s quest for world domination won’t end with your desktop PC – the company is also looking to create an SMS text version of the service. Crazy times.

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