Tiffany Trump’s Awful Pop Song Resurfaces To Murder Your Ears

Like a Bird is not a pop classic.

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump The Donald's daughter once released a pop song. Image Getty

Tiffany Trump found herself back in the headlines this week with the news that her name has seen a spike in searches on Pornhub.

Tiffany was a fixture on the election campaign, and while it’s probably a bit much to suggest her passionate speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention powered her dad (mystifyingly) into the White House, it might have helped a bit.

Is a career in politics on the cards? Who knows for sure, but one thing that definitely happened was a brief attempt at a pop career.

Back when Tiffany was 17, she recorded a pop song called Like a Bird (nothing to do with Nelly Furtado) that’s so poorly regarded it doesn’t even feature on her Wikipedia page.

Auto-tuned to within an inch of its life, the number has found a second life following Donald Trump’s election win.

The track has notched up more than 750,000 YouTube views but the like-to-dislike ratio is pretty shocking. More than 3,000 thumbs down isn’t much of a vote of confidence.

“I love music, it’s always been a big passion for me,” Tiffany said in an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year.

“It’s more of a hobby right now, but we’ll see in a couple of years if I actually do want to take it to the next level – to a professional level. But right now my priority is focusing on school and getting into a good college.”

Sample lyrics include “diamonds are so shimmery / special things uncover me” and “you’re cute and you’re tweeting me / baby you go, ‘beep, beep, beep'” – so this one won’t be going down as a classic.

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