Three Stunning Women Whose Mind-Blowing Bodies Launched The Era Of The Booty

In the beginning, God created Jennifer Lopez. It was pretty much plain sailing from there.

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce together on stage.
Nicki Minaj and Beyonce Two pioneers of the posterior. Image Getty

Back in the days when Pirates sailed the Seven Seas with wild abandon, the word “booty” referred to the plundered, ill-gotten gains collected by these swashbuckling reprobates.

These days, the term has altogether different connotations though with the Urban Dictionary summation that a booty is a “butt, ass, specifically female posterior” the most apt definition available online.

The only real question is what exactly changed from the days of Blackbeard & Co. to now? Well, a hell of a lot actually and loaded isn’t just referring to the multiple social and technological advancements we have enjoyed since the days of pirate ships and shiver me timbers.

In 2016, we as a people are living in the era of the booty, when women with more rounded posteriors are celebrated as they rightfully should be.

How did this change from the super-thin super models of the 1990s occur though? Well it’s all down to three incredible pioneers.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

The woman credited with bringing the booty back into fashion, rumour has it that Jennifer Lopez’s posterior is insured to the tune of $27 million, which works out at $13.5 million per cheek.

JLo most recently hit the booty headlines after an on-stage cheek-off with fellow full-bottom beauty Iggy Azalea. No prizes for guessing who came out victorious.



Beyoncé Knowles

Beyonce on Instagram

As one third of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé helped champion the booty from an early age most notably on the Stevie Nicks-sample-led track Bootylicious.

She’s continued to celebrate the era of the plump posterior in the years since, emerging as something of a poster woman for the cause, helped no end by a conveyor belt of absolutely stonking pop tunes.



Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj on Instagram.We arrive in the present day at another Booty Queen. Minaj’s status as a booty pioneer was already firmly established a few years ago but it was only with the release of the borderline indecent Anaconda that she secured her status as a legend of the art form.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never be able to look at a banana in the same way again while some of the posterior shaking that goes on is damn right hypnotic.

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