Thousands Of People Are Gathering To Say “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

The event has racked up interest from well over 3,500 people on Facebook.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in The Wedding Crashers.

Owen Wilson likes to say “wow” in his movies. He always has, and he always will.

But there’s something special, almost cathartic, about the way Wilson says “wow” it’s just, well, wow.

It’s also quickly become the actor’s calling card of sorts and the source of much mirth on the internet with any number of fan videos, memes, impressions and other content capturing the magic of the wow.

There’s no smoke without fire either; watch an Owen Wilson movie and you are bound to encounter an instance of the actor saying it.  Much like how he is apparently contractually obliged to star in movies where a dog dies. Seriously, it’s happened in like three different Wilson films.

The classic Wilson “wow” is a half-whispered affair, usually at a point where the Wedding Crashers star is awestruck by whatever is in front of him. 

It’s a neat and totally harmless cinematic motif in its work and now, in an unprededented move, it’s set to be celebrated by thousands and thousands of Wilson fans.

An event, set for Monday February 26, is set to see Wilson fans from all over the world descend on Federation Square in Melbourne for a collective wow moment that’s got a pretty positive message behind it.

“Let’s put some positivity out there into the world! Let’s marvel at the beauty and Wonder of this incredible planet we live on, and let’s WOW like Owen Wilson!” the event description reads.

The concept has already proven popular, with 3,900 fans already set to attend with a further 15,000 expressing interest in the meeting.

There’s a schedule in place and everything.

Things will start with a “hype speech” from the admin in charge of the event and designed to get everyone in the mood.

That will be quickly followed up with some warm-up wows, with around 10 minutes set aside for those looking to get in the z-Owen.

Then, around 15 minutes into proceedings the massive group wow will commence with several “kick on” wows scheduled to follow on directly after.

Hosted by the genius mind behind the Owen Wilson Wowposting Facebook group, it’s shaping up to be dumb and harmless fun for all involved. Wow indeed.

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