Green Bits In Crisps Are Actually Really Bad For You And Here’s Why

This will change the way you snack forever...

Green crisp
Green crisp What the hell is this

For many of us, there’s no more horrifying sight than opening a bag of crisps and seeing a load of green bits.

Unless you’re totally weird, you probably avoid those strange, alien-like green crisps at all costs – and for good reason.

It’s now been confirmed that those strange greenies that somehow find their way into your bag of Walkers are actually poisonous.

So, are they unsafe to eat? Kind of… the green bits only appear in potatoes that push above the soil while they’re growing.

After parts of the spuds are exposed to sunlight in this way, they turn green.

As presenter Matt Tebbutt revealed on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped, light exposure causes the pigment known as Chlorophyll to intensify.

Contained in Chlorophyll is solanine – the same toxin present in deadly nightshade – and it can cause you to be unwell if ingested in high quantities.

It’s quite an alarming thought that the green crisps present in vast majority of packets are poisonous, but don’t worry too much. It turns out that you’d have to eat an entire green potato to get unwell, which is a bit of a relief.

Although, Walkers estimate that it takes around one “good-sized potato” to produce one of their standard bags of crisps. 

Maybe just avoid all green bits from here on out to be on the safe side.

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