This Woman Wants To Open A Vagina Museum In London

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The Vagina Museum would benefit from such an entrance. Patch Adams Image Universal Pictures

British YouTuber Florence Schechter wants to change the world, with vaginas.

Her aim is to open a museum solely dedicated to vaginas, we all know there is a museum for sex in New York City and unfairly a Phallological Museum in Iceland.

Schecter acknowledges the existence of the penis facility and is now hard at work to make the Vagina Museum a reality.


She’s set up a Patreon page dedicated to this endeavour to raise funds for “legal fees and admin fees, as well as, travel expenses to go and visit experts and specialists.”

The exhibits will include various animals and people who possess female parts and their place in culture, plus feminist comedy nights, plays, concerts, and workshops.

Better yet there will be a cafe with vagina cupcakes and a gift shop full of fanny merchandise. While there are exhibits worldwide that celebrate the vagina, there isn’t a space dedicated to the female anatomy, that isn’t sexual or seedy. Perhaps she’d feature exhibits like this one by Jamie McCartney called The Great Wall Of Vagina. 

great wall of vagina
The Great Wall of Vagina, by Jamie McCartney Image Jamie McCartney

Her plans for exhibits include:

Science – the parts of the vagina, your vagina and you.

Culture – vaginas in art and society.

History – you get it.

If you want a taste of what the museum could be, check out her Feminist comedy night on May 19th, sponsored by Lovehoney. Details here. We wish her luck with the whole shebang. Vaginas unite!

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