This Weird One-Piece Underwear For Men Is VERY Popular

The new trend is flying off the shelves...

The Finwick
Behold, The Finwick Image Rufskin

Are you ready for one-piece pants? The newest fashion trend for men might be the weirdest yet.

A male version of the female bodysuit or leotard is now on the market and apparently is wildly popular. So much in fact that the creators are also whipping up a swimwear version as we speak.

Called The Finwick, the one-piece is the brainchild of Southern California-based menswear brand Rufskin, who describe is as a ““multifunctional, masculine body suit.”

male bodysuit
The Finwick by Rufskin

It can be worn under a t-shirt or on its own as a top without the hassle of having to tuck anything in. The Finwick is made of lycra and hugs in all the right (or wrong) places, following the shape of the male body.

According Rufskin the Finwick “ideal for support during any workout or just looking sharp at any time.”

The bodysuit is flying off the shelves, selling for around £68 a pop. Douglas Coats, president of Ruskin told that the company has, “done well with one piece underwear styles now for quite some time.”

men's swimwear
Early swimwear for men Image Pinterest

Such a design is used by swimmers who wear the one piece to increase velocity through the water. It was also a popular with men in the early 20th century as a swimming costume.

It looks like the vintage style is coming back in full force.

Would you rock one under your clothes?

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