This Weird Instagram Hack Is Guaranteed To Make Your Pictures Go Viral

This is the best chance you'll ever get of being Insta-famous.

Yanet Garcia Instagram shot
Instagram hack Get your photos going viral Image Instagram/iamyanetgarcia

Instagram is home to the most beautiful people on the internet, and countless numbers of people around the world browse the site to see them ever day.

Some of the biggest names on the site have upwards of 60m followers, but let’s face it, most of us are stuck on about 100 and mostly just upload pictures of our cats.

But what if you were given the chance to achieve the same levels of Insta-fame as the likes of Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez? Would you take it? 

There’s a hidden trend emerging on the site, which could help you make your posts more popular than ever before [via Mic].

Trendsetters on the site figured out a while back that you can trick the Instagram algorithms by geo tagging your photos ‘Singapore, Singapore’.

Weird right? People saw something odd was happening on their timelines last month when normal photos were tagged in the Asian country, and some of them were pretty freaked out.

Users can get to the top of a feed using the tag, probably because the algorithms are relatively new in the Asian country.

It could be the secret to Insta-fame, but you’ll need to be fast if you’re going to capitalise on the hack.

Instagram are cracking down on the trend, so you’d better try it out quick before they block it. Or of course you could head out to Singapore in person and tag yourself for real. It’s up to you.

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