The Incredible Story Of A US Soldier & His Iraqi Interpreter

Because there is always hope.

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This is one of those few war stories that have a happy ending – the unlikely friendship of between a US soldier and an Iraqi teenager.

Dylan was a soldier that had been deployed to Kirkuk, in Iraq, where he met teenage Brahim. Because the army was in need of Iraqi interpreters, young Brahim joined as one, even though it meant certain death.

As Dylan explains in an emotive thread on Twitter that has moved thousands of people, Brahim was promised refugee status in the US for his services, even if he might get killed before his work was done.

And yet, he survived, and Dylan developed a friendship with him like that of two brothers. Knowing Brahim had very little, Dylan recalls how he gave some toiletries one day to the boy, and he reacted by crying with joy.

Five years later, Dylan was on his way home in Arizona in 2013 to bury his little brother, when the most unexpected thing happened.

As he got in a taxi, he started the usual small talk conversation with the driver. As they spoke, Dylan revealed he had been to Kirkuk, where the driver was from. Suddenly, the driver stopped the car, looked at Dylan and identified himself as Brahim.

On a day when Dylan’s heart was broken after losing his brother, reuniting with this boy who had made it all the way to Arizona was a silver lining.

You can read about Dylan’s story on his Twitter.

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