This Viral Dog Photo Has Sparked A Debate About Animal Cruelty

While the image has inspired many memes, it's also pissing people off...

shaved husky
This photo has many people very angry... Image Twitter/ @OmonaKami

A photo of a husky has gone viral after it showed it’s entire body shaved save for its head, while the image has inspired a thousand memes, it’s also sparked a debate on the internet as to whether it was a cruel action.

The photo was originally tweeted by user Omona Kami who captioned it, “If you’ve never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair then here you go. Enjoy.”

No explanation was given with regards to why the Husky was shaved.

Many are defending the owner, saying that the dog could have gotten into glue, has an allergy or it’s been shaved for surgery.

shaved husky

Which is unlikely since veterinarians will usually only shave in and around the area of the incision. Some even claim it could be the result of clever trick photography.

Others are very worried this was a cruel joke and that shaving a double coated dog is a dangerous choice.


It could very well be photoshopped, but we’re doubtful as there is clearly an identical shadow in the frame.

The dog also seems to be in grooming salon since there is a protective cone seen in the background.

We hope there was a particular reason for shaving such a beautiful dog, if not, hopefully, the authorities will get involved.

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