The Twitter Account That Predicted Brexit and Beyonce’s Twins

What sorcery is this?

Beyonce with twins Image Awol Erizku Beyonce
The Twitter account BeyonceFan666 may sound ominous and mildly satanic – but it’s actually magical. BeyonceFan666 has an uncanny ability to predict the future. A gift that has the public and various news outlets flummoxed.
So far, this psychic forum has been spot on about Brexit, Trump and Beyonce’s twin joy. How is it doing this? The Guardian reported on the phenomenon this week after Twitter users were in a titter over its Beyonce announcement. Before Queen Bey even made it.
It has an easy explanation of course. The person or omniscient being behind the setup, has figured out a way to backdate tweets. Its not the first time a jokester has done this, in fact it’s been studied.
Complex contacted writer Andy Baio who wrote a piece called How To Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet.
He explains that all one has to do to become a modern day Nostradamus, is too set up a private Twitter account. Then, fill it up with a million possible scenarios for world events. When or if said things happen, delete the wrong ones and make the account public. There you go, you’re a seer.
Despite this, the fact that BeyonceFan666 predicted the month Beyonce would announce her pregnancy, has garnered some hilarious reactions online.
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