This Naked Book Club is Spreading The Message Of Gender Equality

Thought reading was boring? Think again...

naked book club
naked book club Making reading fun Image YouTube/TheLipTV

Book clubs have a pretty dull reputation at the best of times, but a group of women in New York might be about to change all that forever…

A group of book worms are making reading more exciting than ever before, by taking part in a topless book club .

The “Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society” are fast becoming famous in their home city of New York for their naked meetings.

As well as making reading fun, the group are all about gender equality too.

A law was passed allowing women to go topless just like men in the public places of New York back in the 90s, and the book club has been honoring that law since the early 2010s.

The group meets regularly in the city, and they’ve become pretty famous over the last few years.

Co-founder Alethea Andrews recently spoke to Her Report, saying: “It may sound selfish but, honestly, our principal missions are simply to have a good time and to create an environment in which we can enjoy being topless outdoors in peace and comfort, without being bothered or anxious.”

naked book club
naked book club Making reading fun Image Her Report

She added: “But in the process of doing this, we believe we’re also educating people in the city about the fact that a woman’s bare chest is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, nothing that should have to be covered or hidden.

“A woman taking her shirt off is not automatically a sexual act or immoral or attention seeking, any more than it is when a man does the same thing. Sometimes it’s just about comfort.”

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