This Tiny Blast Chiller Will Chill Your Beer In Two Minutes Flat

Ice, Ice Baby

Beer This is major beer news.. Image Gizmodo

An Italian company called ColdLine is changing the face of beer forever thanks to their new blast chiller.

The LIFE W30 is a countertop magician that brings a fancy restaurant into your kitchen erry-day. [via Digital Trends]

Appearing the same size as a microwave oven, with a sleek stainless steel design and a handy touchscreen – this little gem sits on your counter and takes room temperature food items to -22F in slightly over two hours.

What is a blast chiller? It’s used by commercial kitchen setups, such as restaurants to destroy bacteria while storing food for future use. It also prevents freezer burn and maintains taste a lot better than a traditional freezer.

The little LIFE W30 is shrunken version of a traditional machine. Best of all, It can chill beer in two minutes. It cuts the time for a range of freezable food items. Including steak, veggies and ice cream. Obviously Ice Cream.

Other benefits include; less waste due to preserving food quality a lot quicker. Home cooking, ‘ With LIFE blast chillers you can now cook whenever you have time and plan your meals in advance.’

It also has eight functions – proving, storage, blast chilling, storage, thawing and more.

NO word yet on how much it is or where you can get it, the website is slightly vague. We’re thinking its a price upon request type situation. 

Best of all, now you can have your own little British Bake Off with your friends. 

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