Stunning Law Student’s Photos With Dangerous And Exotic Animals Go Viral

Quite a paradise.

Surrounded by sharks Image Moonstruck Traveller Instagram

Anyone can be famous on Instagram these days, but only a few are worth it. On this occasion, a young woman’s adventures have proved to be more than enough.

Sarah Kohan, an Australian law student from Sydney, has gone viral after she started sharing all the photos of her unique trips around the world on Instagram.

??thanks for all the love today guys ✨

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After all, accounts of people who travel the world and share their experiences are always the most popular ones – probably because they make us all envious of their trips. And with reason.

Of course, the 22-year-old blonde is not the only subject in the photos she shares. Plenty of exotic and dangerous animals, from sharks to humpback whales, are featured right next to her. Sarah has become so popular, that her Instagram account has already more than 250,000 followers – not surprising if we take a look at the breathtaking photos the Australian has posted so far.

Sarah looks stunning in every single photo she shares, but she is more than that: the adventurer has done exchange courses at the universities of Harvard and Columbia, and is set to graduate from Notre Dame in June, after which she plans to move to Holland to work as an intern for the International Criminal Court. Quite a feat.

Dinner party at my place be like ??✨

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And thanks to her Instagram fame, Sarah has got deals with Four Seasons and the Ritz in which she gets to stay in the hotels in exchange for the publicity. Not so bad for an adventurer, then.

You can follow Sarah on her Instagram account.

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