This Stunning Mexican Sports Presenter Just Revealed A Bit Too Much On Air

Claudia Guajardo is very, very good at her job

The stunning presenter isn't shy Image Claudia Guajardo/ Instagram

The popular Mexican sports show, Las Noches Del Futbol or Football Nights has a tendency to hire very beautiful professionals. One such person is Claudia Guajardo.

The presenter, who is known for being the program’s signature attraction, revealed a new addition to her form recently. 

She admitted to her colleagues, some of whom dress in costumes to present the latest in sports news, that she recently got a new tattoo along her hip bone. They encouraged her to reveal the ink on air and that she did.

The moment was a hit with viewers and the program even replayed a slowed down version for the fans.

In the clip, Claudia pulls up her purple dress up and displays a pair of tight black, booty shorts. She then lowers the waistband to show off an intricate black and white design. One of her male fellow presenters hid his face behind a football scarf in mock horror.

Besitos ?

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We know he was joking because this isn’t the first time Claudia has shown off her incredible body on air. It’s the norm at this point.

One episode of Football Nights featured Guajardo clad only in a skimpy black bikini and body paint resembling a tiger.

The gorgeous presenter is also a fan of social media and boasts 121,000 followers on Instagram. We can see why, her pictures are magnifica.

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