This Special Button On Donald Trump’s Desk Does A REALLY Stupid Thing

Just imagine how much you'd have with one of these...

Donald TrumpImage Tom Pennington/Getty Images

‘Donald Trump has his finger on the button…’

Normally, those words would fill loaded with dread, but thankfully, the button we’re talking about isn’t the nuclear weapons button, which could potentially lead to the destruction of all life on earth.

In fact, it’s been revealed that the President Of The United States actually has a special button which alerts a butler to bring him a Coke.

Now, the idea of Coca Cola on demand might sound kinda cool, but the fact that Trump has someone constantly on hand specifically to bring him cans of fizzy pop is pretty mad.

The button itself is located on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, which has been used by Presidents since the 19th Century.

Journalist Amy Fiscus highlighted the news on Twitter, after it was revealed in a piece by the Associated Press.

The button itself is red too – we just hope Trump doesn’t get thirsty and press the real ‘red button’ by mistake, triggering the nuclear apocalypse because he fancied a fizzy drink.

In all honesty, installing a Coke button in a historic piece of furniture is probably the most Donald Trump-y thing we’ve ever heard.

In fact, it’s almost a shame that the drink comes in unopened cans – we imagine a LOT of people would pay good money to piss in Trump’s drink if they had the chance…

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