The CAT Sex Position Will Definitely Make Her Hit The Big O

It's a position you can both enjoy...

She'll be purring... CAT sex position Image Warner Bros.

The sex position men MUST know about in order to give their partner an explosive orgasm has been revealed.

No, it’s not doggy style, but rather its feline enemy, the CAT. The CAT sex position has been called the magic formula for instant orgasm.

Known officially as the Coital Alignment Technique, this position is ideal for women who don’t usually come during sex, so if you feel like she’s just not getting there then give the CAT a try.


How does it work? It starts with the usual missionary, but instead of face to face, the man will keep moving his body up the woman slowly until he’s as far up as he can get without hurting himself (see ‘breaking your penis’ here).

Instead of thrusting, grind into the woman slowly in small circles until she’s in the throws of ecstasy.

It works because by aligning the man’s pelvis with hers causes the base of the penis and pelvic bone to rub against the clitoris continuously which is a crucial element in the female orgasm.

We’re not shitting you, this position does work and has been hailed by sex therapists worldwide as the solution to your orgasm woes.

the cat sex position
Slutty Girl Problems

The Daily Star interviewed one such therapist who said: “The CAT is one pose that makes a lot of lasses purr.”

She added that the lads win too, saying: “Whilst this position only offers shallow penetration for him, it’s worth remembering that men’s bits are often a lot like matchsticks: the hottest parts are at the top.

“The super-sensitive head of his penis will still feel plenty of gorgeous sensation,” she continued.

The CAT can also lengthen the sex time for the man as well, giving you ample room to enjoy yourself.

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