This Rude Christmas Decoration Celebrates A Bodily Function

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

The Caganer is a seasonal figurine used at Christmas, It features a man or sometimes woman with their pants down, squatting on the ground and well, defecating. 

It’s not some new buzzy, hipster ornament you can buy at their christmas market stall, made out of wood they didn’t chop down themselves despite their lumberjack attire. This is a legitimate aspect of Catalan history and has been around since the 18th century.

There is even a society called, “Amics De Cagner” (Friends of the Caganer) who claim the pooping spangle made it’s first appearance in nativity scenes or Pessebres during the Baroque period. It is still practiced today in parts of Valencia, Spain, Catalan and France.caganer-traditional

It is a common tradition to allow children to search for a Caganer in the stable with Mary, Joseph and that baby Jesus guy. Yes, while the wise men are offering up Frankincense and Myrrh, there is a man taking a shit somewhere in the corner. Nice. 

According to experts, the meaning behind this seasonal figure primarily involves fertilisation and/or giving back to the earth in the smelliest of ways. The Caganer is considered a symbol of good luck.

So why not jazz up your Christmas traditions this year and add this little guy to your tree? These days the decoration comes in many modified forms including: Nuns, Priests, Devils, Angels and famous people past and present. 

Go ahead, put a pooing Queen Elizabeth II next to that popsicle thing your five year old made. 

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