This Restaurant Will Use Your DNA To Make You The Perfect Dinner

Would you give it a try?

dna and food
This is a pretty weird way to order out... Image pixabay

A London restaurant has begun using DNA samples to create bespoke meals for diners, claiming that they are creating a food experience that is perfectly in tune with a person’s body.

Restaurant chain and food delivery service Vita Mojo are the folks behind this quirky offering, they’ve collaborated with a company called DNAFit to collect samples of human saliva, which once tested using a unique algorithm can indicate our vitamin deficiencies, as well as, highlight any food intolerances.

Founder of Vita Mojo and the brains behind this concept told The Daily Mail; “Whether you should be eating a high or low-fat diet is all dependent on your genes – as well as what ingredients you should be eating more or less of.”

One notable person to try the idea was a Great British Bake Off winner, namely Frances Quinn.

Her sample concluded that she should have 50g of carbs with every meal and a Mediterranean diet suits her meals best because of her low Vitamin B levels.

Vita Mojo
Curiously Conscious

Her meal consisted of spicy turkey meatballs, sweet potato mash, veggies and smoked tomato sauce.

It should be noted that if you’re looking for a service that tells you to eat more pizza and drink more beer, this isn’t it.

But it might give you an insight into some yummier alternatives that could be just as good as a cheesy slice.

However, many are claiming this service is just another symptom of the London elite and their strange tastes when it comes to gastronomy.

Nevertheless, what do you think your DNA would want you to eat?

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