This Viral Picture Of A Sea Lion Has The Internet In Hysterics

After viewing it, we can see why...

sea lion
They're not always this nice... Image pixabay

A photo of a sea lion has gone viral after the animal struck a pose that sent the internet haywire.

19-year-old Tyriq Bagnerise was hanging out with his friends on a California beach one night when a sea lion waddled up to them for closer inspection. He told BuzzFeed News that the entire interaction with the sea lion was “really nice.”

“He was sniffing me and everything,” he said. “He gave me a kiss when I took a selfie with it.”

He posted a picture of the seal in the foreground with him in the back, and captioned it “I just took a pic with a seal boy.”

The response from the internet was explosive and in complete approval of the sea lion who modelled beautifully for the camera.

Tyriq Bagnerise/Twitter

Though it seems the flash might have disoriented the creature for a minute, which may explain why his/her eyes are shut. Nevertheless, it makes for a great picture. 

It’s a welcome change from the last sea lion situation we wrote about involving a curious sea lion and a child that he pulled into the water along with him.

The comments ranged from “The seal took a picture, you just in the background,” to “A seal pop star. The Rihanna of Seal culture.”

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