This New Apple Pay Feature Lets You TEXT Money

Now you can't escape paying that friend back...

iphoneImage pixabay

Apple has now made it impossible to flake on paying a friend back with a new feature from Apple Pay that allows users to TEXT money to friends.

It’s safe to say that this millennial generation is becoming less and less reliant on cash and more focused on tapping a piece of plastic against a card machine.

Apple recognises this need and has come up with a solution that will destroy existing peer to peer payment apps like Venmo and Square.


The new peer-to-peer payment system was announced this Monday and will launch with Apple’s next software update for the iPhone and iPad, called iOS 11.

This new feature was announced at Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC.

iPhone owners will be able to send and receive money within a text conversation and can authenticate transactions through Touch ID.

The funds go straight to the Apple Pay cash card, and from there the receiver can send it or spend it however they want.

iPhone users are pretty happy about this revelation, and they are expressing their happiness on social media while also predicting a fight to the top between Paypal and Apple.


We’ll see what happens, but one thing is for sure, there’s no excuse to not redeem your friend that fiver.

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