Is This New App For Office Romances A Good Idea?

This might be a tricky sell...

office romance
Is this app a good idea? Image DIJC

The messaging platform Slack, which is used in many an office environment for exchanges among employees has now gained a risky dating component in a brand new app.

Feeld is originally a dating platform geared towards threesomes and those who wish to ’explore love beyond societal norms.’

Slack is not participating in this venture because of the notion that, promoting office romance is never a good idea for most straight-laced businesses.

Feeld for Slack

Rather Feeld is an independent bot that works alongside the Slack app.

It allows an ‘administrator’ to install the app, once downloaded a person within a slack team can direct message @Feeld and put in the name of the coworker they have a crush on.

If the feeling happens to be mutual, then both parties are notified, and quickies in the stationary cupboard can start. However, If you’re in the work-friend zone, then no one will ever know. Hopefully.

Seems harmless enough but some outlets are claiming it’s a recipe for disaster, despite the Feeld slogan that says we should all just ‘embrace feelings.’

While many marriages have sprung from embracing office romances, in the same breath so have numerous sexual harassment lawsuits.

Just read the news lately, regarding Bill O’Reilly. Perhaps Feeld should stick to after work activities.

We can’t help but concur with the opinion that Feeld for Slack could like Quartz stated ‘sexualize what is supposed to be a safe, professional space.’

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