This Man Just Summed Up The Nation’s Views On Theresa May’s NHS Plans

Theresa May arguably came off worse during “The Battle for Number 10”.

Theresa May during the discussion.Image Getty

A lone audience member present for Channel 4’s “The Battle for Number 10” election special managed to perfectly encapsulate the nation’s attitude towards Theresa May’s plans for the National Health Service.

Prime Minister May is heading to the polls in search of an increased majority, with the left-leaning Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn the rank outsider in a contest that had looked all but over until May unveiled and then backtracked on her so called “dementia tax plans.”

The proposals would have seen elderly homeowners forced to pay for their medical care out of the value of their homes, in the event that they developed the chronic disorder in later life.

Having backtracked on that particular issue, May faced the public in a question and answers session that was quickly followed up by a one-on-one grilling with Jeremy Paxman.

Corbyn had done the same, surviving a couple of scares to emerge from the experience relatively unscathed, save for a rather unfortunate use of a middle finger during an answer on his suitability to lead the country.

Worse was to come for May though, when an audience member and midwife asked May to “justify the chronic under funding of the NHS”.

May’s answer was weak, to say the least, with the Prime Minister claiming that NHS funding was linked to the performance of the economy and that she was committed to increasing funding and wanted to build a “first class national health service.”

The midwife was unconvinced, labelled the so-called “efficiency savings” as, in reality, cuts that were leaving staff at “their wits’ end.”

Then came the moment when one man found the words that summed up an entire nation’s scepticism to May’s claims, which ran counter to almost everything she has done in relation to the NHS while in office.

Asked about whether she bought into May’s pledge about improving the health service, the midwife replied “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

The camera panned across the audience at the precise moment a man was caught mouthing most people’s logical response to May’s claims: “Bollocks. That is bollocks”

Still, May did have some fans in the audience, with one bloke, in particular, making a point of giving her a standing ovation at the end of her grilling by Paxman.

If only someone, no anyone, had joined him in showing his appreciation for May. Maybe then it wouldn’t have looked quite so strange.

In any case, let’s end things by revisiting the moment Paxman called May out as a “blowhard” – now that’s a phrase few people were expecting to hear:

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