This Is Your Chance To Make Your Penis The Star Of A Video Game

A new video game allows players to use a penis as their online avatar.

Like a rugby game...but missing all the players' body parts but one Image Free Lives/YouTube

Have you ever dreamed of playing World of Warcraft with your dick? Then wait no more, because your fantasy is finally a reality!

Free Lives has just released a new video game where your avatar isn’t an Italian mechanic, a hot archaeologist or a human-alien soldier, but yourself. Well, part(s) of yourself.

The video game is called Genital Jousting, and we bet it’s not like any game you have played before. With up to eight players at once, you can have fun by yourself or with many others.

Imagine Pac-Man, but with flaccid penises and wiggly anuses. And instead of eating dots, you have to penetrate (or be penetrated) as fast as possible. Each player gets to control a penis which includes testicles and an anus. So while you are busy looking for places where you can stick it, other players are sticking it right behind you!

But that is not all: you can complete quests and challenges (all of the same theme, of course) and you can also adapt the game to your situation.

For the multiplayer mode, you can either invite friends to join you on your penetration quest or you can let the game choose some anonymous players online for you to have fun with. After all, this is the best of opportunities to meet new people.

And if you want to test your limits, you can divert from the traditional mode and enter what they have named Party Mode, which the Free Lives website tells us it includes challenges such as “Double Delight, Obstacle Intercourse, and Weiner Round Up.” Definitely, challenges you need to try to know what you are capable of.

But the best part of it is what makes video games avatars so precious: customisation. You can choose any shape and size for your “private parts” and can even select the colour you want. Now you can definitely say there is no way you can keep it in your pants!


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