This Is What The Stars Of The Matrix Are Up To Now

Turns out, they're all immortal vampires.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix
Neo The Matrix Image Picture Warner Bros

Believe it or not, it’s been 18 years since The Matrix was released. Sure, we got two sequels afterwards, but it wasn’t the same.

Now that Keanu Reeves has hinted at the possibility of a fourth film in the saga (as long as the Wachowskis are still in charge), we want to remember the stars of the original film and check how they’re doing these days. But be warned, because none of them has aged at all, which proves the theory that the Wachowskis turned them all into vampires.


Keanu Reeves (Neo)

How does he do it? Image Dan Calister/Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

We all know Keanu Reeves is an immortal vampire; he looks EXACTLY the same as he did in 1999, so he could do a Matrix prequel right now if he wanted to. Ever since he played Neo, Keanu’s other big action role was as John Wick, whose sequel has just been released. And hopefully, he’ll give us a third Bill & Ted.



Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus)

More hair, same face Image Newsmakers/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Another vampire (only his hair reveals his age), Fishburne just appeared alongside Keanu in John Wick: Chapter 2, and played Perry White in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.



Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity)

Same face, 18 years in between Image Patrick Riviere/Mike Coppola/Getty Images

What is it with these people? Don’t the rules of ageing apply to them? Moss was recently part of UK’s sci-fi drama Humans, and she is in the Netflix/Marvel role as Jeri Hogarth, a role she originated in Jessica Jones and she’ll repeat in Iron Fist and The Defenders.



Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith)

He only looks older because he grew a beard Image Brendon Thorne/Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Weaving has made a bazillion films over the last two decades, including Captain America: The First Avenger, where he played Red Skull, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas, where he worked with the Wachowskis again. The last one was Hacksaw Ridge, where he played Andrew Garfield’s father. He looks pretty much the same, but with a beard (what is happening?)



Joe Pantoliano (Cypher)

His love for hats keeps Joe young Image Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Pantoliano is still bald, but his face hasn’t changed at all. He has recently appeared on the Wachowskis’ show Sense8 in a Matrix reunion of sorts.



Marcus Chong (Tank)

Marcus' career pretty much ended after The Matrix Image Warner Bros/Twitter

Sure, Tank was written out of the sequels due to his excessive salary demands and Chong’s career suffered a setback after he claimed the Wachowskis had treated him like a ‘terrorist’. He appeared on a few TV episodes here and there, but he didn’t do much acting afterwards. But he’s aged well, so there’s that.



The Wachowskis

Andy and Larry are now Lana (above) and Lilly (below) Image Frederick M. Brown/Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Personally speaking, the writers and directors of The Matrix have marked a milestone with their gender transitions from male to female. First it was Larry who successfully became Lana, and a few years later Andy turned into Lilly, coming out as a transgender woman in 2016. 

Professionally, the Wachowskis wrote V for Vendetta, wrote and directed Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending and created the Netflix series Sense8, which has become praised for its LGBT characters and storylines.

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