This Is What The Ideal Men’s Body Looks Like, According To Women

Is there such a thing as the perfect man?

The Ideal Men’s Body According To Women
Ryan Gosling The ideal men's body? Image Warner Bros.

For a while now, we’ve been told different things about what guys’ bodies should look like.

While most people might go for six-packs and washboard abs, the chubbier dad bods seemed to be getting a lot of interest recently. However, the argument may finally have been settled for good.

A new study has created a projection of the ideal man’s body, based on preferences expressed by women, and the results show that most members of the fairer sex prefer men with toned, gym hardened figures.

According to Treadmill Reviews, women like an athletic man who stands at 6’ tall. Take a look at the projections below:

The ideal body


While all the women surveyed shared the same thought about men’s height, there were subtle difference in the way different generations see their perfect man.

It was revealed that Millennials go for a slightly thinner figure than baby boomers. Younger people opted for 186 lbs, whereas older generations opted for 190 lbs.

The study also showed that Millennials also like a man who exercises 8 hours a week, while Baby Boomers go for a man who works out for 6 hours.

the idea body


The study also found that both men and women agreed that the most attractive body part was the face, but women said nice arms and eyes was also important.

Blue eyes and brown hair were also preferred characteristics in men, and 45 percent of women said they prefer guys with medium complexion.

As part of the study, men were also asked about their ideal woman, and it was revealed that most men say they went for petite brunettes

So there you have it, women like tall, athletic men with nice arms. Time to hit the gym and grow a few inches guys…

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