This Is What The Fly Remake Could End Up Looking Like

New concept art offers up a possible glimpse of what to expect.

The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum.
The Fly Starring Jeff Goldblum. Image Fox

The controversial remake of The Fly may still be some years off making it to the big screen, but fans have been given a glimpse of what could be in store this time round and it looks utterly terrifying.

Plans for a reboot were announced earlier this year despite most, including us here at loaded, expressing confusion at the idea of remaking a remake that was pretty damn near perfect.

The 1986 version, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, is as disgustingly terrifying now as it was all those years ago, so you can understand why some would be cautious about the idea of a new version.

However, if the work put together by fan and artist Stormbrush is anything to go by, there is still some potential for The Fly to, at the very least, look as terrifying if not more so than it’s predecessor.

Stormbrush has been making waves on social media with his fan art and has been working on ideas for The Fly since back in 2015.

The work includes an eight-stage transformation concept that sees Goldblum’s character Seth Brundle go from man to fly in a series of increasingly grotesque tableaus.

“I watched The Fly 1986 recently and still love it very much. This is more than just a monster movie, it has depth to the story and character. So I decided to redesign the creature,” Stormbrush explains on his official website.

Stormbrush's concept art for The Fly.
Stormbrush's concept art for The Fly. Image Stormbrush

“The challenge to design this monster is that it is crossing species quite drastically, and you get to see the development.

“It starts from flesh and skin infection to deformation, and then slowly the parasite reveal itself, and it is taking control of the host. Stage 4 and stage 5 is the biggest challenge and the most fun part, because it is at its turning point, that you want audience terrified but also sympathize with Brundle.”

Though Stormbrush is not officially involved in the project as yet, those working on the project over at 20th Century Fox could do worse than give him a call.

Stormbrush's concept art for The Fly.
Stormbrush's concept art for The Fly. Image Stormbrush

The designs also show the potential for taking the story of The Fly in an even more grotesque direction. Perhaps this is one remake that could actually improve on the original. Perhaps.

You can check out more of Stormbrush’s work over at the official website – it’s pretty impressive stuff.

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