This Is The Worst Thing Men Can Possibly Do During Sex

This one bad habit could be harming your chances in the bedroom.


There are all kinds of things that can go wrong during sex, but the VERY worst thing guys do in between the sheets can always be avoided.

According to a new study, the most unattractive thing blokes can do in the bedroom is brag about their own sexual performance.

It turns out that saying how good they are at sex actually turns most women off from having sex with blokes straight away.

The report, titled Do Women’s Orgasms Function As A Masculinity Achievement?, states that men who brag about giving women orgasms often end up badly ruining the moment after sex.

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In fact, it was recently revealed that a LOT of blokes see the female orgasm as a “masculine achievement”, which could be harmful to sexual health.

A recent study showed that the majority of men believe that not making their partner come was a pretty major failure, meaning that the woman’s pleasure was much less important than their own satisfaction with their personal sexual performance.

Whichever way you view it female orgasms though, bragging about them won’t help you.

In fact, let that be a lesson to you all – if you’re guilty of bragging about how good at sex you are, odds are you’re much less likely to get laid…

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