This Is The Real Reason We’ve All Been Skipping The Gym

Could this be the one thing stopping you from working out?

gym workout

The gym can be a pretty unappealing place at times – after all, the thought of working out after a hard day at work isn’t always the most attractive prospect.

We’ve all been guilty of skipping the gym at some point, and now scientists think they’ve worked out the exact reason why we do it.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, the distance you live away from the gym has a huge effect on your chances of going regularly.

According to data obtained from 7.5 million mobiles by data firm Dstillery, the average gym member lives 4 miles away from their gym.

However, people who workout at least five times a week live on average 3.7 miles away, while people who only workout once a month live on average 5.1 miles away.

Therefore, 1.4m is allegedly the distance that can make the difference between sporadic and dedicated gym attendance for members.

The extra distance allegedly puts people off just enough to stop them going on a regular basis, and can be enough to hold back people’s progress.

So, if you really want to starting reaping awards at the gym, it might be time to move a little closer…

However, you might want to think twice about spending too much time working out, after it was revealed that spending too much time at the gym could be having a negative effect on your sex life.

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