This Is The Real Reason People Should Be Worried About Indiana Jones 5

Is nothing sacred?

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford
Fortune and glory Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. Image Picture Lucasfilm/Paramount

9 years on from the disaster that was Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, it’s been revealed that Harrison Ford will reprise the famous role at the ripe old age of 77.

Disney has officially confirmed that the actor will wear the iconic hat and whip once again for an all new film in 2019, and fans are… well, a little worried by the sound of things. 

Why are they concerned? Well, Crystal Skull remains one of the most disappointing films of the last ten years, and with Ford getting on somewhat, fans are thinking that another flop would damage the legacy of the original films forever.

If you need a reminder of just how bad the last movie in the series was, just take a look at this Honest Trailer: 

People also seem a little petered by the fact that the film will be set in the 60s too, and it’s perhaps easy to see why.

In all fairness, a load of shoehorned popular culture references could get pretty annoying rather quickly – imagine Indy bumping into terrible CGI versions of the Beatles, Forest Gump style…

However, what people should really be worried about is the involvement of George Lucas.

Stephen Spielberg previously said “I would never make an Indiana Jones film without George Lucas.” The Star Wars man will be back to serve as an executive producer on the new movie.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Lucas has provided us with some of our favourite cinematic moments through the years, but a LOT of what was wrong with The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull came directly from him.

Remember that fridge scene which saw Indy survive an atomic bomb by hiding in a fridge? Yeah, that was his idea. Lucas allegedly had to create an entire dossier to try and convince Spielberg it was a good idea. We bet he’s regretting it now…

The whole idea to bring aliens into the movie was also his idea, and it ended up turning the whole thing into a bit of a joke.

The thing is, we’re even more worried about him nine years on from The Crystal Skull. After all, he’s not been allowed any involvement with the new Star Wars movies, which means he’ll have been saving up all his weird ideas for the new Indiana Jones film.

We actually wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to somehow get a few spaceships in the script somewhere, or just make it all about trade sanctions like he did with The Phantom Menace.

George, we love you. But maybe leave most of the ideas to Spielberg on this one?

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