This Is The Real Reason Guys Always Want Sex In The Morning

The 'morning glory' phenomenon has finally been explained.

Why do guys always want sex in the morning?
Couple in bed Is this the reason women cheat?

It’s early, you’re late for work, you’re a bit hungover, and there’s no hot water left for a shower… mornings can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times – so why do blokes always want sex at that time? 

It shouldn’t be a thing – morning breath alone should be enough to put guys off – but guys are often at their horniest in the morning, and it’s baffled people for years.

However, the phenomenon has now officially been explained, and it’s all to do with hormones.

Whereas women go through a monthly hormone cycle, blokes actually complete a cycle every single day [via The Sun].

Why do guys always want sex in the morning?
Sex In the bedroom

As it turns out, men’s levels of testosterone are always at their highest first thing in the morning. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which means guys are at their horniest in the morning too.

So, it’s those pesky hormone cycles are to blame for any sexual turn-ons you experience in the morning, which end up being a pretty major inconvenience most of the time.

Of course, what goes up must come down; testosterone levels dip during the day, which means guys are more likely to be sensitive and caring later in the day.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced what time of the week is best for having sex, and it certainly makes sense now after reading this…

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